Dear Friends & Supporters;

“Because I Care Foundation” A (Non for Profit); is striving to expand the national Music learning through philanthropy and CSR in Jordan. We are delighted to let you know that you will be able to take part with this cause through a well-structured program that aims to build fully fledged Music Class Rooms to be located in one of the Governmental Schools in the less Fortunate areas in Jordan of your choice. is the first Digital Sisterhood Community in Jordan, which is founded for women & dedicated to the good in our society and has established several agreements with all key stakeholders.

WE will be executing the project under a well branded initiative ;
Watan Music Chamber“ مُبادرة صَالونْ وَطن للمُوسيقَى ”
; the concept & project management will be provided by Chairwoman Ms. Doha Abdelkhaleq, in order to meet budgets and for quick execution . The vision is clear, and we follow the footsteps of our Queen who spends most of her time taking care of the education system in Jordan.

Our Mission is to provide Music learning classrooms to all students in Jordan and to take care of the gifted ones in our community. We will rely on the generosity of Strategic partners & individuals and businesses for support like your good selves.
So TEGETHER WE CAN SPREAD THE JOY , one step at a time - One school at a time BECAUSE YOU CARE.  We invite you to contribute in any way or manner possible. Your generosity will make a difference in Jordan & will allow us to continue with a good and kind piece of work! 


Sincere Regards

 Doha Abdelkhaleq

“Watan“ Music Chamber