About Us

A National Music program & curricula is being offered free of charge to all students with focus on the talents from the underprivileged school communities in Jordan in a safe school environment running five days per week. These students are provided high quality musical instructions & an instrument which they are taught to play maintain & respect. This Initiative is a sincere utilization of efforts resources & team work & engagement between Mrs. Doha Abdelkhaleq founder of the initiative with the rest of the Local Community & Strategic Partners Donors Supporters & Music advocates in Jordan. We do hope to bridge real talents with the national & International Conservatories & by documenting this progress from Jordan’s schools towards larger goals (ex: joining Orchestras). A thank you note to the Ministry of Education n Jordan who allowed us to build at its premises, to Queen Rania foundation who provided the case study & Jordan Education Initiative for their enlightened work.

We are further more being inspired & guided by her Majesty the Queen of Jordan; to whom we grant this initiative as she goes forward taking care of all girls and empowering the education system in Jordan.

Sincere Regards

Doha Abdelkhaleq
Chairwoman; www.becauseicare.jo


Combining teaching of Music with the official learning Curricula at the public schools in Jordan. Introducing a novel Concept & Prototype, in the form of constructing world class Music Chambers,for harvesting local talents.

توثيق التراث الموسيقي الاردني